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It is a proud tradition and an ongoing mission to instill a life-long passion for on-snow sports for the children of our community. By providing a FUN, supportive, family-oriented environment we ensure access to both introductory and competitive programs in Alpine, Nordic and Free Ride disciplines.

Organizational Goals

  • To offer quality programs at a good value that encourage, challenge and assist athletes to achieve at the highest competence or competitive level of their choosing.
  • Be fiscally responsible to our membership, community in all that we provide and do.
  • Welcome all, and utilize the talents of, a strong, loyal and supportive volunteer base.
  • Participate actively in Vermont, regional and national organizations that also promote on-snow sports for
    competitive athletes.


In 1934 Bunny Bertram built the Nation’s first rope tow on Gilbert Hill. He and his friends used this rope tow to explore the surrounding hills, including Hill Number 6. Bertram joked that to ski that hill would be suicide and two years later he opened Suicide 6. Since that time, Woodstock Ski Runners has taken advantage of the steep terrain, family environment and close location to make its mark in Vermont ski racing.

WSR boasts a strong history of Vermont skiing competition. The annual Fisk Trophy race invites elite athletes to participate, many of which are current collegiate racers and former National Team members. The Woodstock Union High School has won numerous Men’s and Women’s State Championship and Division titles. Our Junior Programs have produced Junior Olympic medalists and USSA State Championship medalists. Our Nordic Runners Program has produced some of the top skiers in the state.




Core Development U8

This is our youngest program  that  feeds up to the U10 Alpine Race or All Mountain Development. The Core Devo program is for our youngest athletes (Ages 6 & 7). Ability to ski Blue trails and ride the chair lift with limited assistance is required. The primary focus is on directed free skiing and drills with an introduction to race course and entry level jumps and bumps.

There will be at least 2 fun competitions.

Training Schedule: Saturday & Sunday from 9:30 to Noon


All Mtn Devo: U10

U10 All Mountain Development for ages 8 and 9,  implements more drills and training (gates, trees and freestyle) into our directed free ski schedule.

Training Schedule: Saturday & Sundays from 9:00 to 1:00 (with a 30 Minute snack break)

There will be 3 to 4 optional events (Race & Freestyle Combo’s), and a Big Mountain Explorer Day where the team will go to Killington, Sugarbush or Sunapee to do a “Tag along” day with their All Mountain Teammates.


All Mtn Team: U12 and up

This program is  for ages 11 and up with a focus on directed free ski drills and training with a greater focus on competition preparation.

Training Schedule: Saturday & Sunday’s from 9:00 to 2:00 with a lunch break around 11:30.

3 to 4 Events (All Mtn and/or Freestyle)

1 or 2 Big Mountain Explorer Days. Team will go to Killington, Sugarbush or Sunapee to do a “Tag along” day with their All Mountain Teams.

U10 Race Team

Head Coach:

U10 racers are age 8 and  9, born in 2004 and  2005. Racers must be members of VARA.

U10 training consists of ability level training with the majority of the time spent on free skiing, terrain skiing, and skill development. Skills assessment and age appropriate gate training will be based on individual development and current skills.

Training schedule: Friday afternoons and weekends. Some holiday training days will be offered.

Key Race Dates: Coming Soon

U12 Race Team

Head Coach: Sean Graves

U12 competitors are age 10 and 11, born in  2002 and  2003.

Training will consist of free skiing, terrain skiing, drills, skills assessment drills, appropriate age gate training.

Training schedule: Wednesday and Friday afternoons, weekends and vacation weeks.

Key Race Dates: Coming Soon

U14 Race Team

Head Coach: Justin Lillie

U14 competitors are age 12 and 13, born in 2000 and 2001.

Training schedule: Tuesday – Friday afternoons (with some Fridays starting at 11:30), weekends and traditional vacation weeks. Training will consist of free skiing, skiing drills, drills assessment, and age appropriate gate training.

Key Race Dates: Coming Soon

U16 Race Team

Head Coach: Gary Fletcher “Fletch”

U16 racing replaces J3 racing from 2012. The competitors are age 14 and 15 born in 1998 and1999.

Competitors must join USSA and VARA to compete in this series.

 U16’s are also eligible to participate in USSA scored races with U18’s. Training will consist of free skiing, drills, skills assessment and appropriate gate training.

Key Race Dates: Coming Soon

Training schedule: Tuesday – Friday afternoons (some Fridays will have earlier training starting at 11:30), weekends and traditional holiday or vacation weeks.

U 18 Race Team

Head Coach: Scott Smith

U18 age group replaces the J2 group. Athletes are age 16 and 17 year born in 1995 and 1996. They must have a USSA competitor license and a VARA membership.

This group races mainly in VT at VT Cup races. They have a state championship which can lead to eastern championships and eventually nationals.

The main focus is to hone their skills and combine them with stronger physical attributes and tactical awareness.

Training schedule: midweek after school, vacation periods and weekends. Races are selected on each athletes schedule and preparedness.

Key Race Dates: Coming Soon


The Friday Program is dedicated to providing alpine, and snowboard instruction to children grades 1-6 of Woodstock and surrounding towns. Last year over 300 children participated from Woodstock, Barnard, Bethel, Bridgewater, Hartland, Pomfret, South Royalton, Tunbridge, Stockbridge, and Sharon. Classes are taught by volunteers who attend
clinics given by our professional skiers and coaches. Instruction emphasis is placed on safety and fun, with encouragement to learn skills in a relaxed atmosphere.

NORDIC RUNNERS (ages 6-14)

The Nordic Runners Ski Team is an entry level, cross-country ski program for children ages 6-14.
We start with basic cross- country ski skills, which include both techniques of skating and the better known traditional classic style technique. Previous experience is not required. Skiers are encouraged to race or participate at low competitive, family friendly events held on the weekends in different areas around Vermont. However, the main goal of this program is to give children a solid and fun introduction to the lifetime sport of cross-country skiing. The amount and level of racing is determined by the parents’ and child’s interest.

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