Ski Runners Honors Jim Kelly, Dan Noble, and Steve Hambsch

Three Former Board Leaders Recognized for their Contribution to Ski Runners

Woodstock, VT. Volunteering to help coach your child’s team is is something to be commended, but volunteering to help run an entire program with over 400 participants is something else entirely.

At the Annual Winter Celebration, Ski Runners recognized a trio of former board leaders for their dedicated, selfless service to the children of our community: Jim Kelly, Dan Noble, and Steve Hambsch.

Jim Kelly, his wife Sharlene, and twin sons Jake and Charlie, have been fixtures in the club for over a decade. Jim served as Vice President of the board from 2009 to 2012, and many would say he’s been the unofficial president of the “surfboard” ever since. Sharlene has given considerable time herself and was often seen sorting bows as part of our annual wreath sale. Jake and Charlie were very successful racers, first with Ski Runners and then with the Woodstock Union High School Ski Team. Charlie is still racing this season, as a senior at Lafayette College, and has qualified to race in the USCSA National Collegiate Championships, March 10-16 in Jackson, Wyoming.

The Ski Runners organization has given more to me and my family than I could ever hope to give back.  Having spent time with like-minded volunteers over the years has been a privilege and a tremendous amount of fun. My closest friends come from this little club and I see the next generation bonding such that the future is bright for Ski Runners.

- Jim Kelly

Dan Noble served as Ski Runners President from 2009-2012, and he and Jim worked closely together. Like the Kellys, it was a family affair for the Nobles. Dan’s wife Biff was often seen helping with more races than the Ski Runners “obligation” called for. Their three daughters, Haley, Lilly, and Chloe, all skied with Ski Runners. Chloe is currently a Senior on the WUHS Ski Team.

Woodstock Ski Runners and S6 Racing has been an incredible part of my family's life since our first winter here in 2002.  My kids have developed a true passion for skiing and racing as a result of the wonderful coaches, programs, and volunteers associated with Woodstock Ski Runners.  The overall program and all that it encompasses is truly amazing!  Thanks everyone!

- Dan Noble

Also like the Kellys, the Hambsch Family lives very close to Suicide 6, so it was a natural fit for sons Max and Sam to start racing. Steve joined the Board in 2015 and soon stepped up to the President’s role, serving from 2017-2018. Steve worked tirelessly for what he thought was best for the kids. One of many positive developments during this time was the awarding of the Killington World Cup Committee Grant, a significant grant that assures affordable access to the Friday Program for years to come.

I would like to express my appreciation for the generous support of local businesses, families and our membership toward the fulfillment of the mission that underlies Woodstock Ski Runners. Dedicated to making on snow sports available to all who desire to participate is an incredibly worthy cause giving our communities children a bond with a wholesome life sport and carries on traditions established almost a century ago here in Woodstock at Suicide 6. Special thanks to the Woodstock Inn Foundation, team and management for all they do to support Woodstock Ski Runners.

- Steve Hambsch

In 2015, former Ski Runners President Peter Brooke started what has become tradition—the awarding of a personally engraved mug from Simon Pearce, complete with the Suicide 6 logo, to the . Two years later, Steve Hambsch presented Peter with one of his own. We felt it was time to make it a tradition, and, frankly, we couldn’t really call it a tradition without including Jim and Dan. Current Ski Runners president Chris Adams called up Jim, Dan, and Steve (the most recent President), and another former president, Dave Steele, presented each with their own mug. A photo of Jim’s is below.

Thank you, Gentlemen.