About Team Lollipop (kindergarten-2nd grade)

This is a 1-day program for our youngest never-ever to beginner skier. Coaches work with skiers to learn the basics which include using equipment, body position, how to stand up and how to fall down and uphill and downhill technique. Skiers learn through group games and skill development activities. Lollipops are also encouraged to take part in our weekend fall Family Fun Hikes that take place during the dryland season.

Coaches: Gretchen Czaja & Stacy Bebo.

Advanced Lollipops

  • Depending on number of interested participants, there will be an advanced lollipop group offered this year for those skiers who have skied at least one year in lollipops and are able to ski 20-30 minutes without getting tired. This will include more trail and longer ski adventures and some focus on learning how to race.

Program cost

  • $125 ($100 Program fee + $25 NENSA membership)


  • Saturday Family Fun Hikes (schedule TBA)


  • Starting Wednesday, January 2rd -March 6th  (3:15pm-4:30pm)

Equipment Needs

  • 1 pair of fish scales and 1 pair of poles reaching top of shoulder, 1 pair of bindings

All skiers must purchase a Woodstock Nordic Center discounted team season pass for $75 paid for when the center opens for the season.  This pass allows skiers access to the facility and trails all season long. Trails need proper grooming and maintenance for safe skiing and this is what this pass covers. We encourage skiers to ski as much as possible outside of practice to develop basic ski skills.

NENSA Membership fee

  • $25 of your registration is for your New England Nordic Ski Association membership. NENSA works to keep youth skiing thriving in New England and organizes many regional events including the NE Bill Koch Festival. We send the membership fees in for you. Please visit their website for more details