A Mid-season message from the President

Dear Friends,

February is almost here. When I reflect on where we stand as a club, and most importantly with our athletes, I realize we are at a critical point in their development. After the bitter cold delayed the start of the racing season, we are entering a period of recognition. By now, all of our athletes have had the opportunity to cross the finish line and establish themselves among their peers. A time of recognition...this is where I stand! This is an important moment in their season. 

Ski racing is not easy. Beyond the few athletes who are “naturals,” ski racing is an acquired skill. It demands the mastery of an identifiable set of basic skills that lead to solid fundamentals and execution. The physical and mental challenges involved in this process are different for everyone. Some skills are readily available to certain individuals and some challenge even the most athletic skier. This is when we risk losing the attention of our athletes who, after needed repetition, develop a calloused approach to guidance. This is a time when your input as parents is very important in the development or your children as ski racers. 

As we head into February, many age groups will be racing almost every weekend. In preparing them, I ask you to consider these four values of our club:

Commitment - Your athlete will enjoy the highest possible level of success if they maintain a commitment to training for excellence. While we love it when we see our kids having fun, I remind all that this is a training program. Your encouragement to support the difficult process of learning is appreciated. 

Respect - Most of our coaches are volunteers. The few who aren’t may as well be for the little they are paid vs the time commitment they share with our children. I am making a conscious effort to teach my boys to honor and respect the efforts of our coaches. I ask their attention be directed to understanding the objectives of the drills they are being taught and that they make a diligent effort to execute the exercise accordingly. 

Courtesy For Others - Disruptive behavior takes away from the training of our peers.  I’m asking our coaches to make me aware of behavior that takes away from quality training for the group as a whole. The most courteous effort will be made to curtail any disruptive conduct at the source. I won’t be bashful about reaching out to you if those efforts are unsuccessful. 

Encouragement - Now is the time for all of us to rally around our athletes and others, give them a cheerful note of support and find ways to encourage their development. At the starting gate, where every athlete reconciles with their fears, the enthusiasm of teammates and spectating parents goes a long way. Encourage your children to support their teammates!

In closing, thank you all for your support of our programs, club and coaches. The Winter Celebration was a great success due to the enthusiastic participation of so many of you. We are also grateful for the many donations received under our annual appeal. This all supports our mission to provide our programs on the most economical terms possible. You make it so! 

Best wishes in February and Beyond,

Steve Hambsch

President, Woodstock Ski Runners

2017 - 2018 Board of Directors