About Team USA (Grades 5-8)

This is our two-day on-snow program for the committed skiers in Grade 5-8. The goal for this age group is to improve endurance, improve technique, and begin participating in a consistent racing events. Racing is not a requirement, however it helps build a skier’s confidence and illustrates the greater world of skiing outside of Woodstock. Both classic and skating equipment is required for this group. Dryland practice takes place 1 day a week and one day of hiking on the weekend.  

Coaching Staff: Nick Mahood, Tom Emery, Bob Haydock.

Program cost

  • $300 ($275 plus NENSA Membership $25)

  • Woodstock Nordic Center Team Discounted Season Pass required for over 5 years of age-$79


  • Saturday Family Fun Hikes (schedule TBA), Wednesday Dryland starting November 6th @ Vail Field-3:15pm-4:30pm


  • Starting Wednesday, January 8th-March 11th-on snow by 3:30pm-4:30pm

Equipment needs:  

Both skate (shorter) and classic (longer) skis (length determined by height and weight of skier), 2 pairs of poles (skate reaches to bottom of lip and classic reaches to top of shoulder), 1 pair of combination boots, 2 pairs of bindings-Please reach out the other families for used equipment, especially classic skis. We can help with your equipment needs, please ask!

NENSA Membership fee

  • $25 of your registration is for your New England Nordic Ski Association membership. NENSA works to keep youth skiing thriving in New England and organizes many regional events including the NE Bill Koch Festival. We send the membership fees in for you. Please visit their website for more details